Monday, May 7, 2012

 Blogspot #7
May 8, 2012

One of the challenges for the Mennonite Centre is to find local leaders who will be able initiate strategies that will further develop their own civil society.  We feel fortunate in having developed positive working relationships with a number of such leaders in Molochansk.  On Friday, May 4, a number of these, together with their spouses joined us for a delightful evening at the Mennonite Centre.  This group consisted of school principals, deputies of town council, hospital and care home directors, etc.  Ira, our head cook, together with our staff, prepared a lovely meal, delicious and beautifully presented.  Following the meal, we enjoyed the wonderful music performed by Sergei Lokotkov (guitar) and his daughter (flute).  The purpose of this gathering was to show our gratitude to these leaders who are serving the people of their community and to encourage them.  Secondly, we wanted to present a challenge that all of them could be involved with at various levels.  The challenge was to make Molochansk  “A Clean City”.  This could involve students in various ways, encourage volunteerism, rewards for the best “clean” project, helping elderly neighbors, being an example to others, etc.  The potential for beauty is abundantly evident. The deputy in attendance agreed to set up a meeting for Mennonite Centre and the mayor to further explore this idea.  Those in attendance appreciated the positive atmosphere and pleasant entertainment of the evening. 

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